• Annual Sale 2023

    How do I access the sale?

    The sale is over for 2023. It ran over the dates mentioned below. During the sale, the discount code (sale2023) was automatically applied to all subscriptions purchased via our website. The codes pro2023 or patron2023 were available in our apps to unlock the same respective discounts for those eligible to subscribe.

  • When does the sale run?

    The sale runs for 48 hours from 3:00am Pacific on Wednesday, November 15 through 3:00am Pacific on Friday morning, November 17, 2023, unless extended.

  • Why is the sale earlier than usual this year?

    We’ve moved the sale to mid-November to give our team more time with loved ones over Thanksgiving weekend.

  • What are the sale prices?

    • One year of Pro: $15*
    • One year of Patron: $39*

    *Quoted prices are shown in USD excluding applicable sales tax (added at checkout), but purchasers in other countries may be shown the tax-inclusive amount in your equivalent local currency prior to checkout. In some territories with unfavorable USD exchange rates, subscription pricing is further discounted.

    Upgrades from Pro to Patron on your own account and upgrades gifted to other members (who have 90 days or fewer left on their existing subscription) are also available at the sale price. On iOS and Android, the sale price applies to the first year of your subscription only. If you want to lock in the cheaper rate please subscribe on the web, or cancel and resubscribe in your app this time next year.

  • How do I enter a code in your app?

    If you’re not currently a subscriber to one of our plans, tap the Pro-upgrade banner on the app’s home screen and scroll to the bottom, where you’ll see an ‘Enter Code’ button.

    Existing subscribers can open the Subscription Settings screen from your Profile Settings, then scroll to the bottom. iOS users: if your current subscription means you’re eligible to use a discount code to upgrade or renew, you’ll see an ‘Enter Code’ button. Tap the button, then follow the steps to enter one of the codes listed above, confirm the price, and complete your subscription. Android users: tap the ‘Enter Code’ button, then enter one of the codes listed above to unlock the sale price(s). Select the tier and continue your purchase at the updated price.

  • How do I upgrade from Pro to Patron?

    If you are subscribed as Pro via our website, and have 90 days (or fewer) left on your subscription, you may renew at Patron tier. Your account will be upgraded to Patron immediately, even if you still have Pro days remaining—a little extra bonus for upgrading early—and your expiry date will be extended by one year from what it was prior to upgrading, so you won’t lose any days by upgrading early.

    If you have more than 90 days left to run, you may switch to Patron tier for the remainder of your current subscription, and we pro-rate the price (including the sale price if applicable) based on how long you have left to run. Visit your Subscriptions page to see the upgrade options.

    If you are subscribed via Apple or Google Play, you may switch from Pro to Patron on the Subscription Settings screen, via your Profile Settings (but please read the next answer below). Apple refunds what’s left of your current Pro subscription, then charges you for a full year of Patron (at the sale price), while Google Play pro-rates your upgrade.

  • Why can’t I see the option to upgrade to Patron in the iOS app?

    The app hides the Patron upgrade option if your Pro subscription is set to auto-renew. To upgrade, you’ll need to cancel your existing subscription in iCloud subscription settings, and the option to renew at the higher tier should appear.

  • Why can’t I use my preferred payment method at Paddle?

    Paddle (our merchant of record for web subscriptions) does not support all of its listed payment methods for recurring subscription payments. We have requested that they revisit this policy in order to make it as simple as possible for Letterboxd members to subscribe.

  • What’s included in a subscription?

    As a paid member, you don’t see third-party ads, and you get access to additional features such as annual and all-time stats (example) based on your activity, the option to select your favorite streaming services and receiving notifications when films in your watchlist arrive on these services, the ability to filter any list of films according to their availability on your favorite services, the ability to filter your activity stream by activity type, and much more. Patron members get everything in Pro, plus a few extras like custom posters, and backdrop images on their profile, reviews and lists.

    Please note: a subscription covers you for all use of our website and apps—you only need to subscribe once.

  • What new features are coming for paid members?

    As a rule, we don’t share specifics on new features before they ship, but we’re always working hard on something new and cool, and we sometimes drop hints in our Feedback and social channels. We can share a couple of tidbits that are imminent for Patron members: custom cast/crew images, and beta access to a new showtimes feature we’re launching in select countries.

  • My membership still has time to run. Can I renew now?

    On the web, if you have 90 days (or fewer) remaining on your current subscription and you’d like to take advantage of the sale price, you will need to cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe using the offer code. We always add a full year to your expiry date when you renew, so there’s no risk you’ll miss any days by re-subscribing early. If you’re more than 90 days from expiring, you are welcome to purchase a Pro-to-Patron upgrade for the remainder of your current subscription (for a pro-rated amount).

    With iOS and Google Play subscriptions, things work a bit differently. If you’re not currently a subscriber, you can get the sale price through our app. For existing subscribers, Apple and Google don’t offer the option to renew until your subscription ends. Your could cancel your Apple or Google Play subscription (in your iCloud or Google Play subscription settings) and then renew via our website while the sale is on, but this is only possible if your subscription expires within the next 90 days.

  • I didn’t use the code and paid full price on the web. Help?

    If you paid full price during the sale, please forward a copy of your Paddle receipt to and we’ll refund the difference between the two prices. We are unable to offer refunds for Apple or Google Play subscriptions purchased at full price.

  • I just subscribed last week, can I get the sale price?

    Unfortunately not, but we run occasional sales at other times, so keep an eye out for the next one.

  • Can I buy a subscription as a gift at the sale price?

    Yes, you may gift a new subscription to another member at the sale price, as long as the member does not have an auto-renewing subscription or a subscription with more than 90 days left to run. Select the ‘Give as a Gift’ option and follow the steps to select the recipient’s account and complete payment, or read below for more gifting options.

  • Can I buy a Pro-to-Patron upgrade as a gift?

    Yes, you may either gift a new subscription at the higher tier to the member (if they’re eligible to receive a gift as described in the preceeding answer) or you may upgrade a subscription you’ve previously gifted to another member. (To upgrade a gifted subscription at the sale price, use this link.)

  • Can my gift subscription be applied on a specific day?

    Gifts are a self-service option through our website, so you may purchase them whenever suits (the upgrade is applied immediately following completion of payment). Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase an upgrade during the sale and have it applied on a future date, nor is our support team able to manually apply purchased upgrades on a specific day.

  • Who illustrated the sale art?

    This year’s illustration is by renowned artist and friend of the show Danny Haas.

    Sale Starts Soon graphic