Pro membership

In the spirit of encouraging payment in support of the online services we use and love, Letterboxd has introduced a Pro membership tier in addition to its free membership status (which will always remain available). Pro members get the benefit of several advanced site features (personalized Year in Review stats pages like this, activity feed filtering, data import via CSV, list cloning and more). We’re beta-testing the ability to change username for Pro members at present.

Membership is payable via PayPal on an annual basis and does not renew automatically. Pro members will be invited to renew their membership prior to its expiry. Pro accounts will revert to free accounts if membership is allowed to lapse.

A Patron-level option is also available. This represents the pinnacle of support: in addition to all the perks of Pro, we’ll list you on our Patrons page, your profile will be adorned with the backdrop from your first favorite film (if available), and you’ll be first to learn about and test new features (including beta versions of our iPhone app, by request).

Letterboxd is 100% funded by its founders, and we’d love your support to continue to build the best community of film lovers on the web. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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