Eternals ★★★½

okay. so. although chloé zhao’s style can be recognised here and there, there’s too much marvel and not too much of her in this and it’s honestly a shame considering how talented, brilliant, spectacular etc she is. some of the dialogue was absolutely bland, some jokes didn’t land well at all, the story seemed too big to be reduced to a 2h40m movie (even with all of that runtime) and it does have some pacing issues. even if there’s a lot of characters and not enough runtime for all of them, most of their development seemed like not enough. and yet. it did feel like a breath of fresh air in some aspects.

although not entirely there, chloé zhao’s style is palpable throughout this. at least you can tell it’s a movie that doesn’t feel like the generic marvel stuff and that seems to have a little bit of heart trying to emerge from somewhere. maybe it’s not enough, but it’s certainly better than nothing. the cinematography and the score (ramin djawadi if you read this i love you) were indeed beautiful, and i really liked the casting choices (also kudos for that tiny got reunion that made me tear up a bit :’)) i really liked how (as far as im concerned) everyone kept their accents, and i gotta admit that seeing/hearing fellow latina salma hayek on the (marvel) big screen made me tear up a little bit more. this is far from being perfect, but it’s nice to see a little bit of heart in a marvel movie for a change. in other news a) as i was reading the credits, i found my dream job aka assistant to mr madden (if anyone knows of an available position please hit me up asap), and b) with that mid post credit scene left everyone at the cinema literally shocked (i actually couldn’t believe what i was seeing, it just came out of nowhere and for 0.2 sec i thought it was a fanmade vid)

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