La La Land ★★★★½

i really needed this movie. i wasn’t going to rewatch it at first (i found it on tv) because i’ve seen it so many times i was kinda tired but i gave it another try because... well, it’s great, and i ended up so moved and touched by it, more than ever. i don’t know if it is because of the fact im at one of those periods in life where you don’t know if what you’re doing it’s actually the thing for you, the right thing; when you’re worried about your future and what comes next; when everything regarding who you are or who you’re going to be worried you; when you’re even a little frustrated with your love life (but also i’d like to believe a bit in love) and just.... well you get it. the thing is i’ve been struggling with all that for months, and now i, anxious and ever more than before, all over again, found myself watching this movie and becoming more hopeful. just like that, in the spam of two hours i became a different person, somehow. so idk i guess that’s it: i really needed this.

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