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  • Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

    Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind


    "You've got to be crazy! It's too late to be sane. Too late. You've got to go full tilt bozo. Cause your only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you're nothing. Don't! From me to you, don't ever lose that, cause it keeps you alive." 
    -Robin Williams

    The world has forever changed due to his presence in our lives. Drastically changed when he died. If I could tell him one thing...

    You made your presence on this earth, brilliant and bright. You are so missed. I hope you finally were able to slow down and find peace. ❤️

  • The Most Unknown

    The Most Unknown


    The first 10 minutes of this had me so hooked. I am curious by nature, and the excitement in each of these scientists of humanities past/ present/ future is infectious. 
    It was also remarkable that each of their fields were drastically different.
    Somehow breaking the science down and the language to a point one (average person) can grasp having a conversation and showing their passion, makes it incredible. The topper is that in doing so drastically different fields have commonalities.

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  • Unacknowledged



    The movie makes sense on the reasons why things are kept secret. As well as the reasoning that these secrets had to become compartmentalized.  It even kept my attention through the whole, with a bit of a childhoods glee and a teenagers sense of adventure. Could this actually be our truth? Thier sense of secrecy could be forgiven if it was tomorrow everything they discussed as the "UNCLASSIFIED" documents they were holding and referring to. 
    Wouldn't that be a fantastic…

  • Bright



    Wow! This was a fantastic,emotional, gritty, comedic, with creatures pf lore/myth! Every single moment since the start it was visually stunning. Or watching the simplist of love within a family. Diving into hate, racism that confuse the children. Then showing what it is like  within those boundaries with the different “kinds”, and the powderkeg it could be by someone sneezing wrong.  
    It was a pleasant surpise to see Noomi Rapace, I really enjoy watching her. Add Will Smith, he always…