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  • Jungle



    I am not a big Daniel Radcliff fan, seeing him in this one was the surprise. The fact this movie was his lead role, instead of instantly switiching I oet it go. The role was believable, multi-faceted, and one I can see actually being truthful to the real-life character he played. This was an enjoyment to watch.

  • Taken



    This is one of the better done science fiction mini-series. I found it to have the right amount of everything, (details, suspense, logical progression.) and characterization (well thought out, top to bottom past/ present/ future of intentions, fears etc). There were familiar faces, amd one particular breakout role. 
    It is so worth seeing it from start to finish.

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  • Unacknowledged



    The movie makes sense on the reasons why things are kept secret. As well as the reasoning that these secrets had to become compartmentalized.  It even kept my attention through the whole, with a bit of a childhoods glee and a teenagers sense of adventure. Could this actually be our truth? Thier sense of secrecy could be forgiven if it was tomorrow everything they discussed as the "UNCLASSIFIED" documents they were holding and referring to. 
    Wouldn't that be a fantastic…

  • Excision



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Going into this movie without hearing or reading about it, I believe that is the reseaon why I find this movie a disturbing success.
    Annalynne McCord takes this role to the nines, and proves she is an actor that has the ability to give a role an authentic, 
    multifaceted, performance of an 18year old girl. Her character Pauline, doesn't have friends, she is somewhat gifted and is above most of her fellow classmates. She has an inner geek/freak/outsider/genius confidence to…