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  • The Forest

    The Forest


    As for horror/ thrillers this would be the run of the mill, slight adrenaline rush, watch while you are doing somethinge else film. It wasn’t awful, but it didn’t keep my full attention either.
    Just a “meh.”

  • The Cloverfield Paradox

    The Cloverfield Paradox

    It was a “had to watch” (due to the fact it had the name Cloverfield.) That is all it had that was good. After reading several reviews, I would have to agree with the majority. The only thing it had going was the name, along with the few minutes it took that tied them altogether. This film tried so hard to recreate the magic of the first, the Hollywood-ized alright version of the second, when it just dove into a deep pit of a disaster. 

    I wish for that time back.

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  • Unacknowledged



    The movie makes sense on the reasons why things are kept secret. As well as the reasoning that these secrets had to become compartmentalized.  It even kept my attention through the whole, with a bit of a childhoods glee and a teenagers sense of adventure. Could this actually be our truth? Thier sense of secrecy could be forgiven if it was tomorrow everything they discussed as the "UNCLASSIFIED" documents they were holding and referring to. 
    Wouldn't that be a fantastic…

  • Bright



    Wow! This was a fantastic,emotional, gritty, comedic, with creatures pf lore/myth! Every single moment since the start it was visually stunning. Or watching the simplist of love within a family. Diving into hate, racism that confuse the children. Then showing what it is like  within those boundaries with the different “kinds”, and the powderkeg it could be by someone sneezing wrong.  
    It was a pleasant surpise to see Noomi Rapace, I really enjoy watching her. Add Will Smith, he always…