Halloween ★★★★

"A minimalist slasher classic!"

There have been many emulations and sequels inspired by John Carpenter's 1978 slasher movie, but very few that exemplify so perfectly that a movie genre with a spotty reputation can also be a pure, laborious work of art.
The screenplay by Carpenter concerns a six-year-old boy who murders his seventeen-year-old sister on Halloween night and returns to his quiet hometown looking for his next victims. The script is ruthlessly simple in terms of motivation or character development, but it works truly in terms of horror and suspense. What's on screen is a psychotic killer stalking teenagers in empty spaces: Bare rooms, abandoned streets, darkened house which is heightened by gracefully orchestrated camerawork, which often puts the killer near the audience, lurking at the corner of the screen with his back to us, keeping us adrift, moment by moment, as the stripped-down, primal, enthralling notes of the soundtrack remind you of something terrible is on the way and it gets a little more menacing as it goes along.
The movie creates tension throughout with virtually very little gore on screen and has earned its reputation as one of the most merciless and terrifying thrillers ever.

Happy 'Halloween' everyone!!!
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