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  • The Boy Next Door

    The Boy Next Door


    Dear Lord,

    Please forgive me, for I have sinned. I actually went to this piece of shit movie.

    P.S. The movie was free



  • Risky Business

    Risky Business


    Sometimes you just gotta say "What the Fuck." That Tangerine Dream score is sublime.

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  • Interstellar



    I unabashedly loved this movie...maybe it's just me but I feel that some Nolan movies get way too much hate and I honestly don't know why. When directors like Michael Bay or any other generic director are making their movies, I appreciate everything more that the directors that actually try, make. Every flaw or misstep they make in their movies, I embrace because at least they're trying something bold or new.

    Interstellar has some issues here and there, but when…

  • John Wick

    John Wick


    Badass action + a puppy + Keanu Reeves line delivery = one hell of a movie