Interstellar ★★★★★

I unabashedly loved this movie...maybe it's just me but I feel that some Nolan movies get way too much hate and I honestly don't know why. When directors like Michael Bay or any other generic director are making their movies, I appreciate everything more that the directors that actually try, make. Every flaw or misstep they make in their movies, I embrace because at least they're trying something bold or new.

Interstellar has some issues here and there, but when they're made out of ambition, I can only appreciate the effort. Yes, I have seen plenty of great sci fi movies (2001, Blade Runner, Sunshine, etc) but Interstellar for me is right up there with those movies, purely just on experience. I judge a movie first and foremost on experience and Interstellar was a completely engaging, mind blowing, and at times very emotional ride. Some of my favorite movies have flaws and I love them for that.

I'm not going to go into detail about the visuals, acting and cinematography because it goes without saying that they're all fantastic. However, Hans Zimmers score was absolutely beautiful, completely transcendent. I believe this is his best score or at the very least one of his best. Just like any great score, it elevates the movie to another level.

I'm going to conclude with saying the obvious, this movie is everything I wanted, yet nothing I really expected. I loved it, I want to see it again immediately and envelop in the beauty that is Interstellar.