The ABCs of Death ★★

The rule of anthologies holding segments of varying quality is really taken to an extreme when you have twenty-six parts. The bad ones happily don't last as long as another is always along shortly, but the range is even wider - and the overall bar for this one happens to be pretty low. X is a genuinely grotesque piece of body horror based in biting social commentary, it's fun to see the Kill List guys again in Ben Wheatley's entry for U, and J is just the right side of absurdity and physical comedy to be genuinely hilarious. Most are uneventful, cheap, pretentious, lazy (Ti West), or just aggressively stupid to the point of numbness (Japanese fart-sniffing and Nazi furries). The best segments are worth a look, but when they take up such a small ratio of the overall run-time it's impossible to recommend the full thing.