Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

At this time honestly I don’t know if I should even be reviewing this but I am 

This film is working more as memory than a film at least for me while watching it I didn’t know how to feel watching it as a narrative but it coming back as a memory is bringing up in explainable feel of nostalgia that I feel I shouldn’t have bringing up the fact I watched it barely 1 week ago not even,  but as a narrative I don’t know I feel that if I watched it when it came out in a theatre as a child or even in the age I could watch and remember it at a plausible age I would be bashed in the head with a grief and flooding of nostalgia as I do with something like hook or ParaNorman... what I’m saying is I honestly don’t 100 % know how I feel and this review is more or less working as a venting display

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