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  • High Flying Bird

    High Flying Bird


    Wow, Netflix has no chill this year, huh? This movie was really riveting, I don't know a lot about basketball, but even if I didn't understand everything they were saying, I was never confused which was pretty cool. It's nice to see a sports movie be about more than the sport itself and more about the system around it. Soderbergh did it again.

  • Happy Death Day

    Happy Death Day


    Went into this already knowing the plot twist thanks to the trailer for the second one, although I should've watched this sooner anyway and the sequel gave me more of a reason to watch this one.
    I really liked this movie, it manages to balance serious drama and some good comedy with a slasher film and make it all work. The characters are pretty good too, most of which enhance the story and make you care just that much more.
    I'm excited for the sequel, hopefully it's just as good if not better.

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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Wow, what a phenomenal film. Colman, Stone, and Weiss are powerhouses and absolutely steal the show. Their characters are all incredibly deep, and I was constantly rooting for, hating, and fearing each of them at different points in the film.
    The cinematography is incredible at being both gorgeous and nauseating at the same time. What a film. Can't wait to see it again!

  • A Simple Favor

    A Simple Favor


    I've been rewatching a lot of my favorites from last year, and this is still definitely one of them. Really enjoyable mystery with great performances and some hilarious scenes. A good one for sure.