Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★½

I don't worship Tarantino. He's a great, very talented director and I'm a fan of him and always look forward to his next project but if I did a list of the best directors in the history of cinema I don't think he would be there. One of the best of his generation and currently, for sure, but for me he's not the transcendental, best director of cinema everyone seems to praise at great lengths.

I'm not going to talk in this review about how this film changed my mind about Tarantino and how now I think he's one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. Nope. But I can say that Django Unchained is a very strong effort in Tarantino's career.

With "Inglourious Basterds" and now Django, I believe Tarantino has created a new genre and he does it very well. It's also very impressive how he manages to tap feelings of anger and revenge and translate that to the audience.

I really appreciate the way the film so starkly dealed with the issue of slavery, and personally, I think one of the best things it captures about that is this twisted, surreal interpersonal relationships that came out of the situation, the slaves and their owner. It's fascinating and very well done.

Jamie Foxx is very solid and iconic as Django, it wouldn't be surprising if next Halloween, people started dressing as him, with his suit and glasses. Christoph Waltz does good Landa (King Landa, Hans Schultz) but that ain't bad at all, I wanted more of Landa at the end of IB, so I was very pleased. DiCaprio won me over; at first, I thought he didn't quite fit in but as the film went on, I stopped worring about that and enjoy his disappearance in the character. And Samuel L. Jackson is fantastic and the scene stealer, an Oscar snob.

In short, I'm going as Django for Halloween.

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