Tenet ★★★★

8/10 It may have little to no character development but I feel it wouldn't have time for that considering how much has to happen to get the story complete. even with minimalist characters I did care for them and the performances are great. The rare 2 moments of humor were nice, one about balls going in someone's throat. For the people complaining about the sound and how you can't hear the dialogue I never felt that way I heard basically everything except for maybe one moment of a scene. The Score was electric, the action and spectacle 100% pay off. My one complaint it is was so fast paced it left no time to think at some parts and that can get a little frustrating. But I adored what it was and can not wait to have the 4k and analyze it backwards. Also I would like to hear a commentary. 8/10 Really it is just played on for fun. It either works for you or absolutely doesn't.

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