Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★½

Men: The Metaphysical Pandemic

Holy shit, I was blown away. My real complaints are that the side characters, no matter how well acted (Matt Smith was my Doctor and Terence Stamp is The Limey) or the chemistry on screen was they were nowhere near fleshed out. Could’ve had a dead mom thing go on with Jocasta that I think would’ve made for a more gratifying climax in the flat. Besides that, this was movie fucking magic. The rules of the supernatural were not as explicit and I was thinking about it on my way home. This was so layered and fine tuned into what details and impressions were meant to be made. This is masterful and I only hope for like a Christ epic or some personal look inward from Edgar Wright soon. Downtown made me cry, not cause Anya was so good (she was) but the feeling of connection and being seen as an audience member to performer- I’ve been to shows like that. One strong scare that had me scream “oh shit”

This was a great commentary on the creative process, relating to the traumas of the past and possibly exploring and exploiting for creation. Also, the motif of generational knowledge but still younger generations are prone to make the same mistakes or similar responses to trauma. Fucking fantastic film. I did not expect to see it like this. Truly a new peak I feel, another genre well executed and in his quiver (now I would watch an Edgar Wright Robin Hood movie)

“The evil that men do lives on and on”
-Bruce Dickinson

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