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  • Dolittle



    scavanger hunt 2020: #2 A movie with talking animals.

  • Manhattan



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    2020 scavanger hunt: #1 A movie that takes place in New York.
    imagine your boyfriend trying to stop you from studying abroad by telling you how much it would change you like it was a bad thing, i would literally punch him in the face

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  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    honestly all I can say right now is THANK YOU

  • Shoplifters



    Cannes Film Week started today in Buenos Aires and it’s my first time going to any screening. I chose Shoplifters for obvious reasons. 
    Thierry Frémaux was there to present it. He gave a very funny and heartfelt speech (in spanish!) and showed a beautiful and emotional recap video of the festival. Then announced that freaking Gaspar Noe was in the audience, and then!!! Tim freaking Roth made a surprise appearance!!!! He was hilarious. It was too much for me to…