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  • Five Easy Pieces
  • Solaris
  • Mean Streets
  • Blade Runner

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  • Cuck


    Amidst the threshold of a global pandemic, I find myself in isolation like so many others, occupying my time by working remotely, and nearly everyday since this thing begun, our so-called "President" had been serving up more deadly bigotry & ignorance. Despite this being a global horror, some still find reason to believe that we should keep the economy open. In several articles containing a story of ultra right winged- nut jobs (to say the least) many have armed themselves with…

  • Atonement



    As a contemporary critic, we often find ourselves pulling at the threads of our predecessors. We cannot know the insight of prior times with diving in; and, with that, we must ask, what do we do with this? What is the purpose looking back? Each individual carries on through life, sometimes light, sometimes heavy; and not all the time do we discover atonement for our sins, often times nothing more than simple actions without a comprehension of how it will…

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    I realize I'm not the "best writer ever" I have also accepted the fact that it does not really matter. The truth is everyday we die and every other day we are reborn and hopefully for the better through the grace of god and his love for us if that's something you believe in. I don't see God as some man in robes I see God as something that is in everything even amongst our own flaws. Especially our flaws..…

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    Despite not being as emotionally involved with the seemingly overabundance and at times inconsistent as well as stressful experiences I have endured since 2008 with this mega franchise this most recent outing without a doubt is very good (for the most part). Although it may have some flaws with the misplacement of certain scenes as well as a few unbalanced narrative issues it is still a visually striking and engaging undertaking that has been built up to over the last…