The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★

Maybe this is one of times in me where the contrarian gets a chance to show itself, not for nothing this sequel owns and in my humble opinion surpasses the original that is now a decade old.
Picking up sometime after the original left out, "The Strangers" two women and a man continue their sporadic killing spree when the tables suddenly turn against them when they make the mistake of attacking an unsuspecting family that fights back. The major star of this film is the cinematography that captures a very obsure 1980's slasher vibe and tone accompanied by an array of new wave pop singles. A very John Carpenter esque film, although having seen both the original and unrated cut of the film, I can't really seem to find much difference between them that stands out. The perfomances are what they are, but the suspense is there and it has its enduring moments. A film that plays off of the generic formula yet remains a superior sequel that doesn't take itself too seriously. It is everything you expect. It may lack the existenial dread of the original yet the over the top change up makes up for it.