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  • Cosmopolis



    Well let me start by saying: I'm a high Croneberg fan and this movie is, from a cinematographic perspective as well done as the others.
    So far so good if not...

    Judging from other reviews, Pattinson is the problem of the movie. He is not the badass-I-dont-give-a-fuck-billionaire the script whats him to be, but: He does a good job, though...

    My problem is the feeling of the film. Starting with a surreal atmosphere, to scattered art house style, ending with philosophical dialogue... It feels like Croneberg wanted to combine all that feelings and Pattinson couldn't do justice to that cause.

    Still: intense and good movie!

  • 21 Jump Street

    21 Jump Street


    Well, well, well....
    Sometimes I´m the "AustinPowers-ScaryMovie-HotShots-kind-of-guy" and yesterday was such a day.

    The thing about funny movies is, it`s really hard to rate them in a comprehensive kind of way. So don't take the 3 stars to serious.

    Let's face it: I laughed my ass off and that's the function of the film, right? Dumb situations, funny dialogs and ice cube... What's more to it;)

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  • Perfect Sense

    Perfect Sense


    Lovely Idea and very well done. If you take your time, thinking about the movie after seeing it, you will have lots to think about! You might have to think about ethical and essential topics, like what is life without senses, how do we recognize our world and what takes it, to fit in a new world structure...

  • Super



    hahahaha, laughed my head off! Best thing: this film has no contract with soft and smoothness! Appreciate it!