This film was like a dream. I felt like I was in some kind of trance when I was watching it. What Todd Haynes did here is a blessing for us all.

Cate's Carol is magnificent, enigmatic, glamorous but at the same time vulnerable and fragile. Cate is Carol. Her face expressed everything. I was falling in love with her at every minute. She left me without words. She's unreal. Rooney's performance is very internal but her eyes displayed everything, Therese's frustration (Ex. the train scene), her insecurities and also her shyness. It's one of those performances you have to watch closely to understand and appreciate, every little detail counts. Also, dimples.

It's impossible to say one performance was better than the other because they depend so much on each other.

This brings me to their chemistry. This is what chemistry is about. It was so real. All of their scenes together were so intense. When they touched it was fire but when they stared at each other it was something else... no words to describe it. And this is just my opinion but I think they are one of the greatest screen couples ever.

The "That's that" line killed me. The way Cate said it was so heartbreaking but then comes the "I love you" and everything stops. Those three words. It's one of the best I love you scenes I've ever seen.

And the ending. I was sobbing during the whole thing. When Therese's sees Carol and the sountrack starts and Therese starts walking towards Carol, everything in slow motion and then THAT VERY LAST SHOT. My soul left my mortal body.

So yeah, this film is that good. I'm still in a daze a day after having seen it and I can't wait to watch it over and over again and discover more things about it.

P.S. I want a Brooklyn/Carol crossover

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