Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★½


Despite the obvious big issues going on here, I am entertained, Bruce Campbell and Tom Atkins are my heroes. This is a little cult classic haven for B-movie lovers and fans of 80’s horror. Over-the-top and overplayed characters, and a dose of slapstick gore, what more do we need? There is a feel in Maniac Cop that is hard to replicate outside of its special era. 

“Cops like you to be scared of them. That’s what makes them men. Real men.” 

Well maybe, in a way, Maniac Cop is actually a pertinent and politically relevant story of cops gone bad. The bad eggs that lose morality, seek revenge, and seemingly spoil the bunch. Maybe it is a film about social paranoia that makes its way within intimate personal and professional spheres.

Or maybe it truly is just a mindless slasher that just wants us to leave the film grinning our heads off, having a great time. That’s the charm of budget 80’s horror, it doesn’t matter what it means. All that matters is that we had fun.

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