Coming Home

Coming Home ★★★★

This film was pleasantly surprising. The local cinema had been showing previews for "Coming Home" before its release and it looked appealing to me. The story is tied into times of political tension in China during the Cultural Revolution. The husband is some sort of a missing dissident and has a wife waiting for his return and a daughter that he couldn't see grow up. From this, a touching story of love evolves between husband and wife, father and daughter, as well as mother and daughter.

I was captured, visually, by the settings of the film. Propaganda art and posters were hung up throughout the film in 70's urban China. Perhaps it was because I had never seen much material coming from that period in time, but, it was an educational experience for me.

So, on a parting note, this is a well though-out film that may surprise you. I will definitely be looking into more films like this in the Chinese scene.