Annie Get Your Gun

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This is a terrible movie. At a basic level, the movie (and musical) is problematic. But, truth be told, it's actually full of racism and sexism. There's so much brown face in the movie that literally the only reason I finished it was so I could write a bad review.

First, the racism is so obvious -- I don't care what the intent was. Brown face, like black face, has never been and will never be okay. Also, the way the Native Americans are depicted is equally as terrible. It's one giant stereotype after another. And the whole scene where Sitting Bull adopts Annie is offensive to Native Americans (including the song she sings). I get it, this movie was made in 1950, and the world was a very different place, but they didn't even try. Not that things have changed much in Hollywood (or the world in general, tbh), but that isn't the point .

And then you have the sexism. Ignoring how ignorant Annie is portrayed and how she only wants to change in order to impress Frank so he'll fall in love with her, she is literally better than him in every way. One of the most famous songs in the movie, "Anything You Can Do," demonstrates this fact perfectly. Perhaps it's meant to be romantic, but instead you just see that Annie is too good for Frank. He doesn't deserve her. In fact, the only way she can be with him in the end is because Sitting Bull (played by a white man in brown face, don't forget this fact) tells her she needs to purposefully lose to Frank.

I honestly cannot believe I sat through this whole movie, just so I could write this review. Don't waist your time. Instead, maybe read a biography of the real Annie Oakley.

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