Ready Player One ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Initially I had no interest in seeing this film. I love sci-fi, adventure, pop culture, the 80s/90s, and Spielberg. Maybe this film depends more on a viewers level of anticipation than others. Still though, the trailers left me feeling unimpressed. Another big budget CG centric mashup engineered to fill seats. Having not read the Ernest Cline novel I had no idea how such a gimmicky premise could support an entire full length feature. After hearing geeks and nostalgists raving about all the easter eggs and nerdery embedded in the movie I had to see it for myself. While the cameos are somewhat cheap, they are clevely employed and I didnt roll my eyes nearly as much as Id expected. The scenes involving a particular Stanley Kubrick film were particularly well executed. Where the film shines the brightest though is in Halliday's back story, the creator of the virtual world, The Oasis. An introverted and misunderstood nerd plagued with an unrequited love and the inability to connect with people in the real world. With Spielberg at the wheel, Ready Player One also does an adequate job of capturing the spirit of 80s adventure films sadly lacking in today's motion pictures. A shallow and flawed picture that should have been better with Spielberg invilved, yet an inarguably fun and entertaining product for those with their heads in the past and their eyes on the future.

P.S. Wreck-It-Ralph did it better.