Luca ★★★★


before i even get into this review i just want to apologize for making this movie look stupid before i even saw it. even though i did predict the third act i still really enjoyed this. it made me realize that Pixar doesn't have to be super mature with their films, for me they just need to resonate and this film really did. it has a weird nostalgia feel to it, the feeling of having a friend, both having crazy imagination thinking you can take on the world and the feeling of having a good and bad influence. it legit feels like something ripped out of memory. thats really just the magic of Pixar. i said that this movie wouldn’t have a deep message, now the message isn’t that deep but like it just speaks to someone like me who have grown up with these films. we can look back at stuff like Toy Story and Cars and have legit nostalgia and then we can look at films like these that just remind us of our childhood.

ps tho how tf is everyone in this film so durable, like we got nibbas getting drop kicked on concrete floors and getting up like nothing happened.

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