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  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once

    I could tell you the issues I had with this and what kept me from full on loving it- it's inability to pick an ending, the somewhat messy narrative... but why complain when something is this inventive, this magical, this silly, this visually captivating. I think the Daniels are amazing, and one of these days they're going to hone their skills to make something more succinct and complete, and it's going to be my favorite movie of all time. Still, if this is what I'm getting in the meantime I'm more than happy with that.

  • Titane



    First time ever at a film festival.

    Utterly incredible! I wanted even more of this, and when it was over I could've easily watched another hour. The story and the storytelling are insanely captivating and exciting. The whole thing is both bizarre and intensely human. Wasn't expecting so much comedy from this, but I'm reminded again just how funny the French are- and in a way that feels rooted to the truth. Not to mention the fact that not a…

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  • Babysitter



    Sundance Film #7

    If, like me, you tend to really enjoy the absurdist and highly stylized stuff (Greener Grass, Strawberry Mansion) that comes out of Sundance, and, like me, you happen to love comedies in French (Delicatessen, The Dinner Game), then this is a must see. The writing here is thematically rich, clever and hysterical. The direction is excellent- its gorgeous to look at- and the actors are all phenomenal and manage to be both over-the-top and truthful.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    I... didn't love this. Thought Paul Dano was awesome, Barry Keoghan as well in his brief second of screen time. I enjoyed some of the action set pieces and the Riddler's plot, but other than that the film was so on-the-nose, at times laughably, and it looked pretty ugly as well. and it was only 8 hours long!