Aziz Ansari: Right Now ★★★★½

If you liked those two new Dave Chappelle specials from last year, you’re gonna love the new Aziz. Solid and genuine self-analysis of his own past work. Thematically tight—focusing his bits and anecdotes on what it means to live in a truly ephemeral world, as it is in 2019. Though he’s not the first to do all this novel social analysis, Aziz is definitely in the right for putting all those thoughts here on display. “Wokeness” isn’t a problem, but it’s *undeniably* a peculiar social phenomenon. Even more peculiar is how society ostracizes certain levels of wrongdoing for different people depending on how much we liked them beforehand—definitely a bizarre social paradigm with farreaching and confusing implications.

The content is one thing, but the Netflix special is massively visually elevated thanks to Spike Jonze with the directing and camera work. Great lens choice, genius call to shoot the special in a POV-style with added film grain.

I heard those first few notes of Pale Blue Eyes and I knew immediately that I was in for a treat. With RIGHT NOW, Aziz distinctly separates himself from his past catalog, head-on addressing the allegations, and makes an really earnest comeback.