Baby Driver ★★★★½

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When I watch an Edgar Wright film, it's like I'm watching a visual ode to music and cinema as a whole. From its opening sequence, Baby Driver quickly establishes that it's entire premise will be backed by tight choreography and driving rhythms. Right at the start when Ansel Elgort taps away on the steering wheel, viewers are quickly familiarized with Wright's signature brand of high-octane yet immaculate film & audio editing. From there, it's a 100% adrenaline ride all the way to the end, chiefly thanks to Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Jon Hamm. While the movie is certainly inunique in its premise nor is it critically groundbreaking, Wright is wholly aware of his influences in every scene and he tributes them in so many stylized ways. Baby Driver is a supremely confident action-comedy and—with its incredible direction, buttery smooth acting, plus a unbeatably groovy soundtrack—it truly deserves every bit of praise it gets.

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