Caliber 9 ★★★½

Quintessential poliziotteschi cinema, something akin to a Melville crime drama set in a dingy-looking 1970s Milan. Gastone Moschin pulls off the gritty anti-hero lead role, but director Di Lio doesn’t keep the the whole work entirely focused. Caliber 9 wavers uncharacteristically into exploitation territory here and there (actor Mario Adorf perhaps makes it a bit too over-the-top in his role as the sadistic foil to Moschin’s character). The presence of the police in the film weirdly tangents into a debate about left-wing vs right-wing politics. Still, bearing with it, the third act pays off well. Overall, Caliber 9 is an interesting and quick watch, employing many Melvillian tropes to moderate success. I spotted plenty of ways this could have been a more fleshed-out tightly-told noir, but I enjoyed this for the most part.