Creep ★★★½

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Like Mark Duplass' other productions that I've seen (Safety Not Guaranteed and The One I Love), Creep plays out like a short story stretched to film-length. In this case, the premise is borderline trite—a found-footage horror film standard, one might say. However, Creep's uniqueness stems from Duplass' execution of the titular creep, and from the unconventional events that unfold. Creep's scares are quite far and few compared to other found-footage films, but the few that it has are nerve-racking in an unconventional sense. There's lots of set-related details and conversational cues to pick up on; Creep could have benefitted more from Duplass more gradually building tension and diminishing trust. However, given the film's short runtime, Creep does just fine. It's solidly entertaining and straightforward, perfect for a quick watch!

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