Noroi: The Curse ★★★★½

At this current moment, Noroi is my absolute favorite found-footage film, and it does astoundingly well in balancing Japanese demon mythos within a modern-era context. By this I mean, the protagonist is quite logical in his actions and extremely consistent in his footage, maintaining a mostly non-shaky camera and really really not shying away from zooming in to analyze spectral anomalies in the frame. The protagonists’ filming within the film is juxtaposed against occasional realistic Japanese TV broadcast footage, and this back-and-forth between the two mediums gives Noroi quite a boost in maintaining audience interest and tension over its 2-hour runtime.

I really really don’t want to say anything more about it, other than it’s really good and you should go watch the movie at your nearest Spooktober with as little prior information as possible.

EDIT: Turns out someone put the movie on YouTube so definitely just watch the whole thing there. Lights off, no distractions, no other sounds.