Sleepwalk ★★½

Sara Driver’s no-wave film debut definitely has a number of things working in its favor, making Sleepwalk an interesting first film to say the least. The surrealist 80’s Manhattan she creates is fairly down pat, and the sound design is acutely well-done for a low budget first film. The elevator scene partway through the film really impressed me, and set the tone for the whole project fairly well. 

But, as is the case with most no-wave projects, I have no way of really deciphering what any of it meant. The film ends with no closure to any of the random plot points, and it leaves a rather lukewarm impression—nothing inherently wrong, but nothing mind-blowing per se. I’d liken this to a somewhat Lynchian film with strangely less room for interpretation. It’s hard to make anything of Sleepwalk, let alone harder to attempt describing it. Worth a watch if you’re a person who can enjoy shoegazey, slightly bizarre, meandering kind of cinema.

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