Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

That the climax of a 22 movie franchise should deliver as well as this does is something to be marvelled at (pun intended) When looked at, this film has so much to do that the fact that it finds time to satisfyingly wrap up its main characters arcs, reference every previous film in its history and also bring closure to the almighty 'snap' at the climax of Infinity War is stunning. The film smartly realises that while IW went for spectacle, the true reason these films are successful is down to its characters. So while the previous Avengers film jam packs itself with incident and characters sometimes to its own detriment, this wisely brings focus back on the original 6 and stays nicely on a 3 act structure. Act 1 spends time to slow down and focus on the fallout and is refreshing after the previous rollercoaster. Going into its time heist 2nd act lets Marvel have its victory lap around its own history and finally, its dazzling epic 3rd act send off is a climax for the ages. At once stirring, emotional and breathtaking the likes I have rarely seen in blockbuster cinema. It will be tough for Marvel to ever top the highs of Endgame.

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