Arrival ★★★★★

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I had been recommended this so many times, and now that it finally was free to stream on Hulu, I took the opportunity to finally indulge. I was not expecting to like this as much as I did, and it honestly blew me away. More movies need to touch on the value of linguistics, because language is such an important tool (as this movie proves) to understand ourselves and others. The only other linguist movies I can think of are Decalogue 1 and The Imitation Game.

There is a feeling of well-paced poetry in terms of how Villeneuve shows us his images and Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner give performances that supplement the tone perfectly. This movie is gentle and kind to the viewer, not leaving us confused just for the sake of this being "trippy." It also doesn't fall into any annoying scientific tropes and is way more accessible than it might initially seem. I'm so excited to watch this again and show it to any friends who haven't seen it. I don't think I have seen a cooler movie in months.

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