The Way Back

The Way Back ★★★

The Way Back is a solid film. It gives both its sport and drama genres an equal amount of story time, which both have good conclusions. There are some emotional beats in the film that really get to you as well.

A rule you're taught while writing characters, is that you never make their flaw "alcoholism." It's an outside obstacle that they need to overcome, instead of an inner one. That isn't interesting. But luckily (in the writing-sense) the alcoholism was caused by the character's inability to be a proper husband and father. And pairing that scenario with the character's blindness to that issue becomes their TRUE fatal flaw. They're not able to realize that they're in the wrong, which is very smart writing.

There were times in the film that its rating fluctuated for me (especially because of the cinematography), but after watching it in full, it deserves its current rating. Worth a watch.

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