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  • Local Legends

    Local Legends


    "Your songs are art. That much I know."

    "Thank you!"

    This important text in the Motern Media canon turns ten years old this week, so director, star, writer, producer, film score composer, AND editor Matt Farley has made the film available on YouTube, FOR FREE, for just this week.

    Having yet to have an opportunity to watch I've made the most of this opportunity to watch it as I wait for my Blu-ray of the film to arrive from…

  • Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You!

    Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You!


    🎵 We're all having fun doing the River Mud Shuffle! We're all having fun doing the River Mud Shuffle! 🎵

    One of the definitive Motern Media films, and as good an introduction to what Matt Farley and Charles Roxburgh have to offer as any of their films can.
    You want rubber suit monsters killing small-town sleazeballs? You got it! You want director's friends and family making up the cast? You got that, too! You want genuinely catchy music numbers that…

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  • Attack Force

    Attack Force


    Is this the first Seagal production where he is unmistakably dubbed over from his first scene onscreen? Will report back if this is not the case, but this is the laziest fucking thing from minute one.

    To quote Will Sloan's review of "Expend4bles", this is a undisguised scam. There should have been audits on the budget, the people working on this should have gone to jail.

    IMDB Trivia that is more interesting than the actual movie:

    "Steven Seagal retroactively dedicated…

  • Prey



    "This is as far as you go."

    Watched on a Crowdcast app screening hosted by Princess Weekes herself, with more than 20 other people. We even witnessed the news of Henry Kissinger's death in real time. This is what it means to have a good time.

    Prey will be recognized as the definition of a underrated movie going forward, and its a perfect crowdwatch. When you have a group of people who are all together to watch a good movie…

Popular reviews

  • Drive



    The most underrated action movie of the 1990s, maybe the greatest DTV action movie ever made.

    Did a Sleazoids Podcast VC party watch of this. Maybe the best one of the year so far. A good time for everyone.

  • Dead Ringers

    Dead Ringers


    "Separation can be a... terrifying thing."

    As a twin, there are certain unsaid expectations in life when having a twin sibling. You are either expected to not get along and find each other a nuisance, or you expected to be so alike you have no identity. My twin is my best friend and creative partner in life, and the struggle has always been to be both our own persons while also being completely supportive of one another. So, to watch…