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  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    The last time I watched this was in childhood, so I'd only remembered parts of it. The animation is great, but the movie itself is sluggish and emotionally distant. I wouldn't even put it in Walt Disney's Top 10.

  • Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon


    Second viewing. Richard Donner's movies tend to fall into the "very good, but not great" category. The story is thin, but the action sequences are exciting, and Gibson and Glover have an infectious camaraderie.

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  • Bridge of Spies

    Bridge of Spies


    I am not sure yet if this is a masterpiece, but based on my first viewing, I can say with certainty that it is a great, exceptionally well-made film, with all-around great acting, great cinematography, great editing and great screenwriting. It's wonderful to see Tom Hanks giving such a commanding and charismatic lead performance in a movie again. He really carries us through this complex story, and we fear for him every step of the way as he makes his…

  • Ghostbusters


    For all its noble, politically correct intentions, this movie completely fails to work.