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  • Deceived




    Was pleasantly surprised by this and that there are still more 90’s thrillers out there that I haven’t seen (that are actually thrilling) 

    Great to see Goldie Hawn in this kind of role

    Although I would’ve decorated that NYC loft much differently - think Alex Forrest’s place in Fatal Attraction

    Lost a half star for the annoying child actress

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    Animation perfection

    Watching this after all of these years felt like uncovering a lost memory. Thankfully this time it was a pleasant one

    Third Sleeping Beauty in a row!
    1. Oregon Ballet Theater
    2. Faerie Tale Theater
    3. Walt Disney classic

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  • Making Love

    Making Love


    Kate Jackson (Charlie’s Angels) is married to a gay man and she (and he) doesn’t know it

    This was so surprisingly honest and positive for an undeniably controversial subject for 1982 (especially considering the AIDS epidemic made headlines just the year before) I actually can’t believe that this was made for tv. It’s frank, relatable, and beautifully acted. Private cameos of each actor, punctuating the drama, speaking as if to a therapist or friend, was not only effective, but quite timeless and modern 

    This was excellent and could easily outshine any film made today about the sometimes complicated process of coming out

  • Liquid Sky

    Liquid Sky


    Bigger IS better!

    At the Hollywood theater