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  • Impulse



    Just the right amount of weird WTF thriller that you can’t peel your eyes away from

    Lost classic!!

  • Girl in the Box

    Girl in the Box


    I recently learned of this ordeal and crime and then found out there was a movie made about it four years ago - I live for moments like these!

    But I naively thought it would be as interesting and twisted as the crime itself - who knows where this idea came from. 

    It was bland at best. Lacking in feeling and I had absolutely no compassion for the victim, as it seemed like she was just in this “bad situation”…

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  • Making Love

    Making Love


    Kate Jackson (Charlie’s Angels) is married to a gay man and she (and he) doesn’t know it

    This was so surprisingly honest and positive for an undeniably controversial subject for 1982 (especially considering the AIDS epidemic made headlines just the year before) I actually can’t believe that this was made for tv. It’s frank, relatable, and beautifully acted. Private cameos of each actor, punctuating the drama, speaking as if to a therapist or friend, was not only effective, but quite timeless and modern 

    This was excellent and could easily outshine any film made today about the sometimes complicated process of coming out

  • Mommie Dearest

    Mommie Dearest


    The hair
    The eyebrows
    The fashions
    The drama

    Faye Dunaway IS Joan Crawford