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  • The Party

    The Party


    Pretty funny, not so much because Sellers is playing an Indian man, but because who hasn’t been to a party where you don’t know anyone and everything shitty happens to you?

    Bonus - Claudine Longet (my teenage obsession) sings and plays guitar in this! She would later go on to getting away with MURDER

  • Koyaanisqatsi



    Dropped a sativa gummy and hit this at the Art Museum. Highly recommended!


  • Amadeus




    OOOOO! Rock me Amadeus!

  • The New Kids

    The New Kids


    The gayest movie without being gay

  • Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex Fashion & Disco

    Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex Fashion & Disco


    Inspiring documentary about one of my favorite fashion illustrators and personalities of all time! 

    Marvelous to see the stock footage of an intensely creative and progressive time - I had almost forgotten that there really did exist a time of raw, carefree liberation before our current terribly careful politically “correct” “blanched-nuts” one. I can only hope that the pendulum will swing that way again in my lifetime

    Thanks for the reminder!

    I would have liked to hear more about his…

  • Mommie Dearest

    Mommie Dearest


    The hair
    The eyebrows
    The fashions
    The drama

    Faye Dunaway IS Joan Crawford

  • Open House

    Open House


    Hilarious (an understandable) target for serial, murdrous rage. But OMG this was painful to watch, outside of the occasional peachy cheek shot lol

  • The Killing Kind

    The Killing Kind


    So fucking brilliant! I would’ve died to have seen this back in my twenties!!

  • Fourth Story

    Fourth Story


    Please don’t ever make me watch this again

  • The Lathe of Heaven

    The Lathe of Heaven


    Love that this was based in a Portland and those futuristic fashions definitely caught my attention

    This film celebrates architecture in a way that I can understand

  • Menendez: Blood Brothers

    Menendez: Blood Brothers


    Fairly well done, definitely gripping, account of the abuse that led to the murder of José and Erik Menendez’s parents  and subsequent trials

  • Drew Peterson: Untouchable

    Drew Peterson: Untouchable


    Rob Lowe plays the perfect dick psychopath