Tenet is bad. VERY bad.

I have finally seen it after much anticipation from being a massive Nolan fan and I have never been let down like this before. 

Tenet is a mess. 

The story makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and the motivations for it even happening are ridiculous to the point I thought it was a joke and we were getting the real explanation later. 
It’s just so bad and cringeworthy and profoundly stupid that I just can’t understand how the man that gave us Inception and Interstellar (which is one of my favorite movies ever) could have done this. 
The pseudo-science in this is HEAVY on the pseudo, very light on the science. If you have had a thermodynamics course for as short as a semester you just KNOW it makes absolutely no sense.
For the most part I just didn’t understand what they were doing, why they were doing it and how they were doing it and honestly ? I just didn’t care. 
Everything about the story is convoluted and cryptic but not because it makes sense or it serves a purpose, rather to conceal the fact that it is utter nonsense. 

The movie is also overdosing with action scenes to the point where I just felt exhausted. They just keep on running, driving cars on the highway, blowing stuff up and boom and bam and crash and just... it’s just too damn much !! They are only a couple of slower scenes and they’re absolutely useless in explaining the story or clearing things up.

The soundtrack is AWFUL. I don’t know why he didn’t collaborate with Zimmer on this one but this was one hell of a mistake. It’s insufferably loud and obnoxious as if the action scenes weren’t tiring enough. And the movie ends with a Travis Scott song ?????

Visually it looks good. The SFX are insane as usual and as expected for a movie with this kind of budget but the photography and overall realization scream basic blockbuster. 

The acting is the only good thing here. The head trio formed by the rising icon mister Pattinson, an excellent Washington and a great Debicki work really good. Debicki in particular does everything she can with the trash character she’s given. Seriously the ONLY main female character in the movie is beaten up and abused trophy wife that only gets a ridiculous redemption at the very end of the movie ? That’s disgusting if you ask me. Brannagh does a good antagonist but nothing spectacular to be honest.

Tenet is clearly an hommage to James Bond movies with a failed attempt at a sci-fi twist but it’s mostly a frustrating and excruciating 150 minutes. I’m bitter and have never been so disappointed before.

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