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  • Basic Film Terms: A Visual Dictionary

    Basic Film Terms: A Visual Dictionary


    I bite my thumb at you and your audio, movie, and your father smells like elderberries for giving access of it to Bob Jones, who liked it so much, he made it part of his lecture.

  • Collateral



    A noir that makes you feel good about humanity? I'll be darned.

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  • Ketchup



    Never thought I'd see anything where ketchup is a metaphor for drug addiction. Great music, too!

    Now if only famous YouTuber and filmmaker Taylor J. Williams could use his Letterboxd powers to get this ( on here....

  • Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita: Battle Angel


    "Alita: Battle Angel" is a great 3D spectacle with an excellent lead and an engaging world. These make the movie succeed even with a meandering story and some wasted characters and actors. Still, I would put money down and see a sequel tomorrow.

    (Side note: I thought as the movie ended that it's a great pilot. Could cinema be reverting back to the serial days as television becomes more cinematic? Would audiences accept that if the multi-million dollar spectacle and overarching story was great enough? Are we already there?)