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  • Sambizanga



    Screening with the DSA Emerge caucus as part of our poli-ed film series. https://actionnetwork.org/events/the-revolution-will-be-streamed-sambizanga

    “Sarah Maldoror’s landmark film about the Angolan liberation struggle made as it was still unfolding. Using a spare narrative (co-written by then MPLA member Mario Coelho Pinto de Andrade) in which an Angolan woman named Maria has to navigate the byzantine network of colonial incarceration to find out where her husband Xavier, a member of the MPLA, is being held, Maldoror manages to communicate a complex…

  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man


    For a good hour I did not have the attention span for this and switched over to black audio film collective’s testament, about the repressive aftermath of the coup against Nkrumah and the spiritual and ideological disrepair experienced by his supporters, roaming Ghana like ghosts in its wake. They’re not remotely connected but there is something about Empty Man starting w/ American backpackers in Bhutan on a Buddhist vision quest in the 90's gone awry, then switching to the the…

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  • Aloha



    this is a pynchon movie????? watched it at 5 am and am willing to say that like v and gravity's rainbow it prefers its critiques of capitalism and imperialism from the vantage point of wayward military personnel w/ the libidinal undercurrents of boardrooms and battlefields brought out by the rom com packaging

    as a result it asks the right questions from the wrong pov (and the emma stone casting fiasco didn't help) but it’s such an unusually singular movie to…

  • In the Same Breath

    In the Same Breath

    the amount of people I’m seeing post-sundance doing free labor for the CIA and “bearing witness” to China’s covid response when the US has 400k+ dead, mass poverty and no end in sight to China’s toll of 4635 suggests more people should read the Vijay Prashad, Du Xiaojun, and Weiyan Zhu piece about China’s actual covid response vs the ongoing Cold War 2.0 disinformation campaign about it. 


    some useful excerpts:

    1.  A key – and underreported – part of the response…