Midsommar ★½

it's no murder mystery

saw this after a dramatic destination wedding/college reunion weekend, the scariest part was the possibility that i wasn't really in a theater and it never actually ended

the original wicker man is 87 minutes, wish ari aster had lifted from the running time, instead we get a heavy-handed film school dramatic exercise as a prologue followed by 2 hours of meandering where interesting tangents (anthropology as assumed cultural ownership, grad school rivalries, shitty boyfriends, numbingly watching faces of death as a grieving process or whatever) are drowned by an extended visual for lana del rey's freak/coachella

at one point during the movie when it was unmasking the horror behind communal living, alternative traditions and drug use i thought of those twitter threads on how stranger things season 3 and chernobyl arrived w/ cold war propaganda at a time when there's a resurgent interest in socialism but then immediately after thought about how, on the other hand, i'll take anything that makes the nordic model look bad

was also reminded of my brief time on a kibbutz, where the dream of communal living was revealed as an outlet for nationalist ideas around bloodlines and bloodlust, glad i didn't do acid there

during a scene involving a festive use of corposes, eva pointed out this is like a dumb stunt the austin red guards would pull, would watch that movie

anyone else think of the deer scene from freddie got fingered during the finale? RIP rip torn


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