Toy Story 4 ★★★

it's about *spins wheel* freelancing while looking for a stable job

doesn’t entirely shake off franchise’s ridiculous premise that our commodities live to serve us but there’s some good middle ground in this 1 w/ bo peep showing a benjaminian afterlife where junk finds meaning in the trash heap of history without the sanctions of a master

i realize forky caused some eyerolls but who can't relate to waking up w/ an existential crisis and wanting to be dumped into the garbage, on the other hand any potential for meaning wrt struggling w/ the role assigned to one at birth is sorta undercut by the character's trajectory and especially the mid credits sequence

it’s loose enough where there’s floating variables whose meaning shifts from scene to scene (the abjection gag where one doll sees another doll's fluff is p good) but makes small soldiers seem even more radical in retrospect, still the action is nifty throughout