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  • Pieces of a Woman

    Pieces of a Woman


    Vanessa Kirby for Best Actress, please.... and I’m not just saying that because she’s a fellow Wimbledonian.

  • Longbox Breakup

    Longbox Breakup


    That One Guy told me to....

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  • Soul



    LFF 2020: FILM TWENTY EIGHT (Public - RW)

    Genuinely find it hilarious how much better this was on a second viewing.... I’m gonna assume it’s down to the much better audience I was with.... but yeah.... enjoyed this *a lot* more this time round.....

    Watching it again on the big screen made my heart break too, remembering it’s going to DisneyPlus....

  • Soul



    LFF 2020: FILM TWENTY FOUR (World Premiere - Public)

    OK... let’s talk about Pixar’s new film shall we.... let’s talk about Pete Docter’s new film.... let’s talk about my second most anticipated film of the year.... let’s talk about SOUL....

    Just got home.... so quickly gonna say a few things.... this is not a proper review.... just a few general thoughts.....

    Soul works best when it feels like a Pete Docter film.... and by that I mean - when the…