A Fish Called Wanda ★★★★

A Fish Called Wanda is more fun than it is funny; although, that isn't really a flaw. What I mean is that it is entertaining from start to finish, but its comedic brilliance shines through in select scenes - the best being when Kevin Kline tortures Michael Palin with fish and chips. Director Charles Critchton does his job well, but it is the way he allows his cast's talents to run the show that makes the film so enjoyable. Jamie Lee Curtis is a delight in a performance that relies heavily on the diversity of her role and her improvisational abilities. Monty Python alums John Cleese and Michael Palin reinforce why they are legends of comedy. Cleese's script includes some riotously hilarious dialogue and a strong use of situational irony. Although, it is Kevin Kline who steals each and every scene he is in as a dimwitted pseudo-intellectual assassin. A performance well worthy of his Academy Award win. At first wasn't very impressed, but its charm has already begun to win me over. This is definitely a film I see myself watching multiple times in the future, the kind of pure entertainment that could put a smile on my face and completely change my mood. While I didn't love it as much as I expected, it has left me feeling great in the way only the best comedies can.