Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

A sequel that surpasses the great original in every aspect. Working with a much more extensive budget, James Cameron crafts near sci-fi perfection -with breathtaking action that makes the original look like a low-budget indie and a complex and layered story from a master visionary. A visual feast that innovated computer-generated imagery with massive sets fit for the vastness of film's scope. Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as a futuristic cyborg from the future, but now it is his duty to protect instead of terminate. Moving away from being a one-dimensional killing machine, he is given depth as John Connor's dedicated, detachedly human protector. Linda Hamilton returns as Sarah Connor, taken from her son and put into a mental institution due to he shocking knowledge of the future. Edward Furlong quietly steals the film as John Connor, a 10-year-old foster kid given the responsibility of being mankind's savior. Robert Patrick's role as the new and improved terminator made from liquid nitrogen is enhanced by visual perfection. Cameron raised the bar with this wonderful blend of nerve-jolting action and deftly layered story, and it still remains high up on the pedestal.