Zombie Flesh Eaters ★★

Style over substance isn't even the right way of explaining this film since the style isn't much better. It isn't until the final showdown that cinematographer Sergio Salvati is able to utilize any sort of chilling atmosphere, even then the same out problems arise again (what a pun!). Anyway, by then you will want the surviving characters to die more than the zombies. To see directors like Lucio Fulci getting major success, mostly from weird cult followings, and then to watch the films that brought them such popularity only to watch a pathetic film is quite infuriating. I guess his use of violence had some strong points and their definitely is talent in the creation of his zombies but that isn't much. A gang of dedicated supporters will probably torch my house for what I have said. Although, by torching my house they would be destroying one more copy of this film. It is futile to think like that, films like this always find somebody to love them, and I guess everything also deserves to be loved.