• 21 Jump Street

    21 Jump Street


    I think I've watched this 4 or 5 times in the last year. I just can't stop laughing.

  • The Place Beyond the Pines

    The Place Beyond the Pines


    "If you ride like lightning, you're going to crash like thunder."

  • Sightseers



    Sightseers is totally unconventional and off the rails and also bloody brilliant. The director, Ben Wheatley (this is the first film I've seen of his), has balls that are rarely seen in Hollywood. Oh yeah, this film is extremely un-Hollywood; it's very, very BRITISH and I'm such an American ('the FUCK is a caravan holiday? a glorified road trip?) that a few of the cultural references probably went over my head, but that didn't bother me in the least.


  • Romper Stomper

    Romper Stomper


    Is this young Russell Crowe more of a bad ass than current Russell Crowe? I think so.

  • Snitch



    This is a surprisingly well filmed thriller. It's not groundbreaking in its story or execution, but it kept me entertained throughout and had some tense scenes.

    Also, The Rock (I'll still call D.J. that if I still want to, damn it) keeps getting better with each flick I've seen him in lately. I think the last two were Faster and Fast Five, which I also enjoyed.

    Oh yeah, and Barry Pepper and Jon Bernthal were great.

  • Life of Pi

    Life of Pi


    This movie was visually arresting and a total jaw-dropper in the effects department. What, none of the animals were real? They fooled me..

    The story is relatively simple and maybe that's why I liked it as much as I did. I have read a few reviews on the film that analyzed the plot for deeper meanings and allegories, but I prefer to take it at face value and not read into the story so damn much. Why complicate something that doesn't need to be complicated?

  • Army of Darkness

    Army of Darkness


    I was lucky enough to see Army of Darkness presented by Bruce Campbell himself, followed by a Q&A with him after the movie. What can I really say about this film that I've seen so many times before? Not much, other than that it still kicks ass and was fun as ever. They don't make them like this anymore, guys.

  • The Man from Nowhere

    The Man from Nowhere


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    You only live for tomorrow. The ones that live for tomorrow get fucked by the ones living for today. I only live for today. I'll show you just how fucked up that can be.

  • True Legend

    True Legend


    Whoa.. I was not expecting this to be so awesome!

    Take one part House of Flying Daggers and another part Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and then add some of the best choreographed fight scenes you've seen since Jet Li was still making legitimate martial arts films and you've got True Legend.

    Also, I'm in love with the amazing Michelle Yeoh. Every film she is in turns to gold.

  • Red Dawn

    Red Dawn


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    2 stars is probably being generous. It's cheesy, and not a good 80's throw-back kind of cheesy. It was too unbelievable to enjoy. It starts out well enough and there's a couple brutal moments but I started to get bored as soon as they killed off Thor. My friend and I kept joking that he needed to bust out the Hammer. Then I read that Chris Hemsworth made this in 2009, way before Thor came out. I think he's gotten…

  • Sexy Beast

    Sexy Beast


    I watched Sexy Beast on a recommendation from the Last Exit to Nowhere guys. A British gangster film starring Ray Winstone and Sir Ben Kingsly. What's not to like, right?

    I was really impressed, entertained, and will definitely give this one another viewing real soon. Ray Winstone is awesome in this and it has one of the most original heist sequences I've seen in a while. The screenplay is very tightly written and at barely 90 minutes, every second counts.…

  • Skyfall



    Sometimes, the old ways are the best.