Una ★★★½

This is easily the best performance I've ever seen from Rooney Mara. That's not saying much mind you, I think Rooney Mara is a incredibly mediocre actor generally speaking. I'm not sure why she has a career. But she was pretty good in this movie. Unfortunately she is completely overshadowed by her co-star Ben Mendelsohn, who is fantastic. Mendelsohn somehow manages to make a deeply deplorable character have real moments of sincere humanity. I somehow managed to feel sympathetic towards him at points. This is a film about a paedophilic relationship, and the results of it fifteen years later. It's interestingly never really about paedophiles generally, it's mostly just about this specific relationship. The how, the why, the emotions and the fallout. The cinematography is really nice, paired with some good editing. It is really obvious that this is based on a play though, I didn't know that going in, but it's almost entirely dialogue with the occasional excuse to change location. It handles the subject matter really well and while I think Mara was the wrong casting decision, she does end up having a few good moments when she makes a choice other than the “numb” acting she always seems to do. A compelling movie with characters and motivations worth picking apart and deconstructing.