Possessor ★★★★

A film featuring a bold, bewildering and brutal vision, fantastic utilization of practical effects, a complicated sci-fi concept realized fascinatingly and a well contained story within which to bounce this nightmare around.

This film has identity in spades. It is very commanding in terms of its inspired cinematography, the stark colors, the disturbingly disorienting editing that jumps between quick flashes of fascinating footage, the equally wild and tightly fitting soundtrack, and the compelling acting by both the main characters.

It was a treat to let this film take me into its curious dystopia. While the story was very focused on the plot, the world around was realized in a way that opened the imagination to where these characters operate. The setting felt lived in, it felt cohesive and an extension of the film's mood, its visuals and the sci-fi elements.

The story's psychological element was explored in a fascinating manner, with the actors doing a fantastic job at expressing the surreal nature of the events. The conceit behind some of the acting is great, and it must've taken great direction to convey that idea to the actors - the entertaining and disturbing subtlety of it. And then to see how this film chose to visually represent its undeniably complicated ideas, pushed the film into fantastic territory for me. It was visceral, creative and beautifully bold.

It's a tightly packed mindbender of a film that achieves a very unique feeling. Definitely worth a watch.

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